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Landscape Design Is An Art

landscape design

Soundview Landscape & Sprinkler understands that landscape design is more than just planting trees and shrubs or placing a walkway here or there. Landscape design is an art that deals with conscious arrangement and organization of outdoor spaces for our enjoyment.

Our designers will work with you to understand what you want in your outdoor space, and what you want from it. They also take into account existing structures in order to develop designs that are harmonious with the surroundings.

About Planning and Designing

Having a clear plan when improving the land that surrounds your home or business will keep the project focused, reduce problems, save money, and provide a direction for the future. Developing a strategy for making improvements pays dividends beyond the initial cost of the plan.

Getting Started

Site Assessment & Your Ideas:

The design process begins with two primary starting points: a site assessment and the client's ideas.A site assessment begins with a site analysis. The analysis includes: easements and restrictions, property lines, utility lines, existing structures, existing vegetation, soil types, slopes, exposure, drainage, and pedestrian and vehicular access. Reviewing the site analysis will reveal what is feasible and how design objectives can be achieved. This site assessment, conducted with both the designer and the property owner, identifies assets and problems with the property so that they can either be mitigated or leveraged in the design.


A part of every design process includes input from the property owners as they share their ideas, goals, needs, and hopes for the project. Often, property owners will have specific ideas, ("I'd like a waterfall surrounded by greenery." or "We'd like a retaining wall along this property line."), sometimes the ideas are general in nature ("I'd like fruit trees." or "I'd like lots of color."), and there are times when the owners have little input other than "Make it beautiful." The landscape design is also influenced by who is to use the property and how it is to be used. A family with young children, for example, will have different requirements than a retired couple or a person with a disability. Garden enthusiasts have different requirements than owners who want low maintenance areas.


Establishing priorities for your landscape allows you to have a say in timing and which areas you would like to have completed first. It also helps you set a schedule for future enhancements, which allows you to budget and save accordingly. Soundview Landscape & Sprinkler, Co. is known for its attention to detail and customer service. We will develop a customized plan that's unique to you and your property. If you have the manpower, but just can't decide on a plan or design, please give us a call. We will work with you to develop a landscape plan that you can implement on your own.

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