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Landscape Maintenance

Soundview Landscape and Sprinkler is proud to offer friendly service, professionally trained technicians, and full maintenance of your residential landscape. We don't just mow and go, check out our full service offerings!

Our yearly landscape maintenance can include all or some of these options:

Up to (36) weekly maintenance visits during the growing season (March through October), and (4) monthly clean up visits during the dormant season (November through February). Monthly clean up visits are a valued service during the holiday season; we strive to have properties looking tidy and hospitable in time for social events during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Clean up visits include: mow, trim and edge the lawns, clean the decks and concrete surfaces by blowing or sweeping, pruning, and weeding and raking the planting beds. The clean up visits are dependent upon suitable weather.

The lawns shall be properly mowed and edged weekly except during the winter months when weekly mowing and edging are not needed.

The planting beds shall be weeded and raked as often as necessary to maintain a neat appearance on a rotation basis where 1/4 area of the planting beds is tended per visit.

Trees, shrubs and ground covers shall be fertilized annually using a time-release fertilizer.

The lawns shall be fertilized approximately every other month using a time-released fertilizer mix appropriate for the season. Lime for the lawn shall be applied bi-annually for moss suppression.

The trees, shrubs and ground covers in the yard shall be pruned as required to maintain health and appearance. Soundview doesn't just shear plants into spheres and cubes and we are knowledgeable about which flowering shrubs set their buds on new or old growth, so you won't lose out on the show of blooms next year.

All debris generated from this work shall be removed from site and recycled.

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