1. I would like to set up a consultation. What types of information do I need to provide?

In order to make your meeting more successful, we recommend that you have pictures or examples of projects that you enjoy. You should also have a budget in mind.

2. I can't afford to complete everything I want to do. Can we complete a landscaping or sprinkler plan over a period of time?

Landscaping and sprinkler installation can be very expensive. If you have a huge wish list, it's best to have your budget match your dreams. Of course, projects can always be phased in over time to help those dreams become a reality.

3. I already have a landscape plan in mind. Do I have to use your plan?

If you have a landscape design and plan in mind, our professional staff can provide the development work. Some plans may require minor adjustments to make it feasible to the site.

4. Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course! All of our installations come with a one year warranty on all materials and workmanship. Additionally, there is a two year warranty on all materials used in the installation of a new sprinkler system.

5. Does a sprinkler system use more water than a regular sprinkler?

No. Our sprinkler system experts have a clear understanding of sprinkler systems as they relate to water conservation. Our systems are designed to provide consistent and efficient watering to your outdoor areas without over watering. In addition, watering schedules are planned to minimize waste caused by evaporation, wind drift and runoff.

6. How do I know that I'll be getting a quality system?

Soundview Landscape & Sprinkler, Co. uses only first-rate components and materials from known and trusted suppliers. We customize our systems to meet the needs of each property, and stand by our work. You can be confident that you are purchasing a top-notch system backed by our reputations.

7. Will your estimate include everything?

Yes. Soundview Landscape & Sprinkler, Co. knows that everyone has budgetary requirements. We believe in being upfront with our estimates so that there are no uncomfortable surprises down the road. Our estimates include all components and sales taxes. The only time an estimate would not be all inclusive is in a situation where the landscaping or sprinkler system design is altered.

8. Will my existing landscape be damaged or altered during the sprinkler system installation?

No. With the use of a sod cutter machine and clam-shovel hand digging where necessary, your yard will be restored to its original good condition upon completion of the installation. Of course.

9. Do you offer lawn and landscape maintenance services?

Yes! In addition to our landscaping and sprinkler system design and installation services, Soundview offers landscape and sprinkler system maintenance services.

10. What type of training do you offer upon sprinkler system installation?

The Soundview crew will train you on how your new sprinkler system works, how to access the controller, and how to change the settings. We will ensure that you know how to operate your new system.