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    Replacement Retaining Wall in University Place

    Soundview Landscape & Sprinkler, Co. was tasked with installing a new retaining wall that would replace a failing railroad tie wall that was built in the 1980's in a back yard located in University Place, Washington. Over time the timbers of the railroad tie wall rotted from the inside, losing structural integrity and began dangerously bulging outwards. A geotechnical engineering firm was hired to analyze the soil on site and to make recommendations on the best course of action to stabilize the steep slope.

    The site posed construction challenges. The original railroad tie wall was located over 20 feet uphill in a mature landscape with no way to drive construction equipment through. Soundview Landscape & Sprinkler managed to obtain permission from the uphill neighbors to set up ramps and tubes from their property into the construction area in order to ferry construction materials. The soil of the slope was fine to medium density sand, which was loose and prone to slipping. After the wall was completed, the uphill slope was further secured with biodegradable coconut fiber erosion control netting.

    Instead of a typical concrete block retaining wall, the project was completed using WestBlock Systems' 'GravityStone' interlocking concrete blocks. GravityStone is a wall system that minimizes excavation width and volume, simplifies construction, and eliminates the need to use geogrid fabric. The three components of the block; face, trunk and anchor, ranged from 30 to 60 pounds each. They were carried down by hand or wheeled up ramps using wheelbarrows

    Soundview Landscape and Sprinkler built a retaining wall approximately 88 feet long with a face that is approximately 472 square feet. This concrete block retaining wall is structurally superior, attractive, blends with the existing Japanese style garden and pleased the owner.